Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Phoenix Medicine Ash Wood Wand

Named the Phoenix Medicine Wand this compact 10 3/4" x 1/2" ash wood stick features a magical core of ingredients similar to a those found in medicine bags and bundles, as well as other unique aspects. The size and feel of this neoshamanic wand is sturdy; not that it's unbreakable, but it could handle being stuffed into a Harry Potter style pocket for magic on the go.

The wood itself is a specially gathered White Ash (more info). One of the many magical uses for Ash Wood is for working with or warding away lightning, associated with the Phoenix or Thunderbird. The tip is capped with a fine miniature clear quartz crystal point from the American Southwest, set clean and firmly into place. The smoothed back layers of tree bark near the tip create a pattern reminiscent of a red feather, though the overall color is more brown than seen in the photographs. On this end of the wand a gently smoothed knot revealed a natural sacred spiral design in the bark and others similar to eyes or Yoni symbols. The Yoni like marks were created from the claws of fire red Cardinal birds having perched on the living branch, and the tree healed itself.

The pommel end contains the core. Within the natural stem cavity metaphysical ingredients have been placed to attract energy similar to the legendary Phoenix or Thunderbird. The materials include: Red Pheasant feather, a bit of Brown Bear hide, a bit of Red Fox fur, Mugwort herb, White Sage, Rosemary. This core was then sealed with natural paper clay, and the entire wand was lightly coated with a protective gloss varnish.
#HM054 Phoenix Medicine Wand, check availability here.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bird Yoni Natural Ash 9 1/2 inch Wand

Bird Yoni Natural Ash 9 1/2 inch Wand from Tree PruittThis sturdy little wand may be used 100 % natural as is or personalized by an owner with their own crystals, beads, or other accessories. It's an attractive compact wand of white ash wood with hand smoothed ends. A section of the bark has Yoni symbol shapes that were created by red cardinal bird claws landing on the branch. The mark healed but also left behind three bird foot print marks inside the Yoni shape.
 The shape curves at one end creating a natural handle. It has been cleaned and buffed but still has the red colored tree bark intact. The projection end tapers to a smooth point that is open, due to the sap line channel inside of the branch. This can be filled in by the owner or allowed to remain open to project energy. The wand is small and light weight yet durable and ready to work magic!

Name of Wand: Bird Yoni Ash Wand #hm056
Craftsperson: Tree Pruitt
Primary Materials: White Ash wood
Size: 9 1/2" long x 1/4" in diameter
Tip: wood tapered to a point, open slightly on end for projection of energy
Pommel Core: none
Finish: natural hand rubbed
Crafted 2011
US $9.00
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* This is the ash wood that previous customers have referred to as the "Hurricane Ike Wood", because it was felled from strong winds created by the storm that reached all the way up to Ohio. This wood has never touched the ground and was gathered with magic in mind. See "White Ash" tag in the sidebar for more information on this wood.

The wood that I craft my wands from is always ethically gathered, such as those that the wind has brought down or that come from general yard maintenance -- no trees are ever harmed for harvesting. I do not use power tools -- all of the work is done by hand. I only use branches and twigs that are free of disease, and not previously "dead", so that the wood remains strong. Heat is used to both sanitize and temper green wood, which further adds to the strength. Because they come from Nature no two of my handmade wands can ever be the same.

All of the spiritual ritual tools that I craft are always only worked on in a positive environment with a ritual mind-set using the highest quality materials possible for heirloom quality authenticity.

*Use metaphysical information as suggestion and at your own risk.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.

Includes the printed tag shown below.

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