Tuesday, December 3, 2013

What's In A Name American Elm Wood Wand HM109

A new wand to emerge from the metaphysical side of my art studio is a slender American Elm wood, sized at just 10" for easy carry & use. It's named "Iwilldoit" because it has an energy about it that feels ready to get to work -- a git-er-done type thing. It's crafted from an American Elm wood stick that was lovingly pruned, cleaned, shaped & colored with a red-walnut colored faux wood grain created by hand with acrylic paints because dried elm is a rather plain blond in color. The surface was then coated with a clear protective varnish, which also gives the wand a nice buffed shine. The projection end and the pommel end have been rounded over, shaped simply for comfort. The slender form of the wand still fits comfortably in most hand sizes.

 Though the wands official nickname is Iwilldoit, it has expressed even more character. It's possible that my own fondness for this wand stems from its compact size and relative flexibility, which makes it great to carry on-person Harry Potter style. However, when I reached out to ask Spirit for a name for this wand the first, and still strongest, thing that came to mind was "Stanley"! So, I admit that while crafting this wand I mentally referred to it as Stanley along the way rather than Iwilldoit. Personally, I suspect that name derives from the influence of the powerful yet somehow grounded characters of Stan Lee comic books! I'm not stating that this wand is any more of a superhero than another wand, but it certainly feels as if it has a desire to try. So that's what's in this wands name... serious work, but lighthearted play!

Name of Wand: Iwilldoit Elm Wood Wand
My Item #: HM109
Craftsperson: Tree Pruitt
Primary Materials: American Elm wood
Size: 10" inches long.
Finish: faux wood grain, low gloss protective clear varnish
Magic Uses: Elm is a slightly flexible yet strong wood excellent for metaphysical use adding stability, grounding, and focus to spells, and often used for invoking the Goddess.

This handmade wand will be available for purchase through my Store link, and may also be posted in my Artist Tree Curios Etsy.com or ArtFire.com shops. Check links or contact me for availability.