Monday, June 30, 2014

Mini Fingertip Ash Wood Wand Necklace Pendant

Handmade mini wood magic wand pendant for use by finger tip that can hang around the neck as jewelry or the wrist to ensure contact. Adorned with a black ceramic bead at the pommel end & a shimmery purple blue bead at the front. The little wand pendants I craft are made from ethically harvested wood branches that were gathered, cut, heat treated to sanitize, hand shaped, and wire wrapped to create a mini magic wand suitable to wear as jewelry. Each is unique, and the buyer receives the exact wand pictured here. This White Ash wood pendant has a looped copper wire bale so will offer the added metaphysical benefits of copper.

Name of Wand: Finger Tip Ash Wand
Item #: HM126
By: Tree Pruitt
Primary Materials: White Ash wood, copper wire
Size: wand 2 6/8", pendant total length 3 1/2"

Ash wood can be used for healing, all-purpose magic, especially solar magic, to attract lightning, to remove spells or hexes, ward away unwanted ghosts. A twig of ash may also be worn or kept in your home to protect from general evil or negative influences and can provide protection from a witch's spell against you. An ash staff, wand, or stick placed over a door is said to ward off negative energy and prevent unwanted ghosts from entering, especially when combined with herbs such as mugwort.

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Apple Wand Blanks Cured

I'm excited to get to work with this new bunch of lovely apple wood wand blanks! I've just finished curing them after several months, and just like the life of Spring they are ready to emerge renewed. After non-chemical treatment over the Winter the colors are warm and rich, plus through heat tempering the wood has become very strong! 

With the sweet smell of Autumn leaves in the air a nearby old crab apple tree was still decorated with heavy red fruit clinging to the branches -- branches that had begun to hang down onto a neighbors car. Because the driveway path was becoming precarious the decision was made to do some late season pruning. It's a shame when any tree has to be cut into, but I feel that it would be a bigger shame to have the cuttings all go to waste. I prepared myself for a sweet harvest of apple wood -- sweet because the wood that I usually work with is from trees that I've personally cared for, so my choices often lack variety, and sweet too for the scent in the air. A few narrow branches were carefully cut from the mother tree; none more than three inches around. I browsed through the offerings to select strong healthy portions to cut into wands while trying not to squish over-ripened apples onto my shoes, but secretly glad when I did squish one because the aroma was like fresh apple pie in the crisp Autumn sunlight; This tree could really produce some big sweet fruit! This tree hasn't grown under my care but has survived an untold amount of years being both loved and neglected -- a true survivor and provider! 

After I trimmed the wand lengths from the prunings they were dried in the last of the Autumn sunlight then allowed to steep under the Winter snows to be dug out on the Spring Equinox with dark rich color tones under the bark. Each piece produced from this harvest will be ripe with color and active natural metaphysical energy! When they were removed from the Winter snow they were soaked, de-barked, scrubbed cleaned, heat sanitized, and allowed to keep their natural forms for the most part. I've put in as much care and investment in personal energy as possible. I'm proud of this harvest because I feel that the Mother tree is a hard worker caring for her community and it's a great honor to put her trimmings to such metaphysical uses after her fruit provides food and her branches shelter for the creatures that I share my environment with... truely Wakan (sacred)!
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 Aho mitakuye oyasin!

Curved Apple Wand with Emerald Charm

A real charmer! Rustic & simple this handmade apple wood wand with a dangle charm of raw natural emerald and copper chain has a hand rubbed finish at 12 3/4" long by about 1/2" around. The projection end and the pommel end have been rounded over, shaped simply for comfort. From growing the wood to the finished product much care is given to the handmade wands that I craft, and all work is done by hand without the use of power tools. I often allow the natural branch form show, rather than making the wood look like turned furniture.

Apple wood is considered to be feminine to begin with but this wand has an extra female feel to me, which could balance a male energy well. She is a true charmer with a smooth texture and curving grip that entices thoughtful stroking when not in active use. Copper and emerald together are known to be powerful enhancers of magick energy as well as providing protection from negative spells. * The copper color will cherry-up with warm color over time if allowed.

Name of Wand: Charmer Apple Wood Wand
Craftsperson: Tree Pruitt
Primary Materials: Apple Wood, North Carolina Emerald
Size: 12 3/4" long by about 1/2" around
Finish: hand smoothed and rubbed with quality museum grade preservation wax.

The wood that I craft my wands from is always ethically gathered, such as those that the wind has brought down or that come from general yard maintenance -- no trees are ever harmed for harvesting. I do not use power tools -- all of the work is done by hand. I only use branches and twigs that are free of disease, and not previously "dead", so that the wood remains strong. Heat is used to both sanitize and temper cure green wood, which further adds to the strength. Because they come from Nature no two of my handmade wands can ever be the same.

All of the spiritual ritual tools that I craft are always only worked on in a positive environment with a ritual mind-set using the highest quality materials possible for heirloom quality and historic authenticity.

*Use metaphysical information as suggestion and at your own risk.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.