Monday, June 30, 2014

Mini Fingertip Ash Wood Wand Necklace Pendant

Handmade mini wood magic wand pendant for use by finger tip that can hang around the neck as jewelry or the wrist to ensure contact. Adorned with a black ceramic bead at the pommel end & a shimmery purple blue bead at the front. The little wand pendants I craft are made from ethically harvested wood branches that were gathered, cut, heat treated to sanitize, hand shaped, and wire wrapped to create a mini magic wand suitable to wear as jewelry. Each is unique, and the buyer receives the exact wand pictured here. This White Ash wood pendant has a looped copper wire bale so will offer the added metaphysical benefits of copper.

Name of Wand: Finger Tip Ash Wand
Item #: HM126
By: Tree Pruitt
Primary Materials: White Ash wood, copper wire
Size: wand 2 6/8", pendant total length 3 1/2"

Ash wood can be used for healing, all-purpose magic, especially solar magic, to attract lightning, to remove spells or hexes, ward away unwanted ghosts. A twig of ash may also be worn or kept in your home to protect from general evil or negative influences and can provide protection from a witch's spell against you. An ash staff, wand, or stick placed over a door is said to ward off negative energy and prevent unwanted ghosts from entering, especially when combined with herbs such as mugwort.

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