Monday, August 20, 2012

Raven Head Wand Pagan Folk Art Ritual Tool

This wand was carved from Ash Wood in the form of the head and wings of raven for use in Wicca rituals, Pagan ceremony, and/or Shamanic rites. The style was inspired by the early Native American Adena and Hopewell mound builder cultures of North America because I admire the art of these ancient people. I was born near The Great Serpent Mound effigy in Ohio, and I think my Appalachian roots come through in the style of this piece.
Raven Head Wand, by Tree Pruitt
The name of this wand: Raven Head Wand, #hm049

Main Materials: White Ash wood, clear crystal point, polished amethyst

Length: 15"

Detail of Raven Head Wand, by Tree PruittThe wood was harvested at the peak of a Full Moon and the wand was finished during a later 2010 New Moon. No power tools were used; All of the work was done by hand using knives, files, and stones to cut and shape the wood. This wand measures 15 inches long and one half inch wide around. The carved bird wings at the pommel end provide a comfortable none slip grip. The projection end is topped with a tiny clear quartz crystal point from the American Southwest. Just past the hand turned lines is a tiny polished amethyst stone embedded in a natural knot of the wood. 

Detail of Raven Head Wand, by Tree Pruitt After carving and smoothing this raven head wand I mixed a black stain that soaked into the wood grain; The surface is much more smooth than it may look in the pictures because of that grain contrast. The hand rubbed oil stain finish is made from high quality art materials to give the entire wand a satin sheen.

Holding Raven Head Wand in hand, by Tree Pruitt
 This is a unique one of a kind item is no longer available.
*Specially harvested hurricane Ike Ash Wood.

Raven Head Wand by Tree Pruitt on a stand.
Raven Head Wand by Tree Pruitt. *Display stand not included.