Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Tribal Crystal Tipped Magick Wand

Tribal Style Maple Wand by Tree Pruitt
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This tribal inspired wand began as a bark covered off-shoot of a Silver Maple tree branch. It's a favorite of the wands that I've crafted because of it's almost quirky form and great feel. After having the bark stripped it was oven dried then hand carved. A smokey quartz crystal point was securely mounted into the delicate projection end tip. The crystal was hand collected from Montana and has a very nice natural point. In the wands mid-section rests a tiny smooth amethyst gemstone. The handle portion has an acorn shaped pommel with a carved groove that allows for light charms, ribbon, or feathers to be tied on for added decoration. The entire wand has been hand rubbed with a light black/brown oil paint finish with a buff natural feel.

Smokey Quartz Tribal Style Maple Wand by Tree Pruitt
Though this isn't the best choice of wands to carry in a pocket, it is quite sturdy with a thick handle and spunky attitude.

Tribal Style Maple Wand by Tree Pruitt
SIZE: 10 3/8" x 3/8"
Item #HM185
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